Camera · Branding · Motion Graphics

JamJam Marketing asked me to film, edit and animate content for the Adidas Speedfactory campaign.

The campaign design is very futuristic and modern. I helped to create the style and did the animations for the campaign. During and after the events, I filmed and editted 3 different videos regarding the 4 events, 12 videos in total.
Adidas Speedfactory was a shoe development concept. Four local designers from four different European cities (16 designers total) were invited to the Adidas HQ in Germany. To design a shoe which represented their city. The first event was on the 28th of March 2019, with designers from Berlin.

The first video was a small teaser which showed a little bit of the factory process, and gave a short introduction of the designers and what was about to happen.

The second video explained the concept and also showed the designers working on their design. They also explain their thoughts about the Speedfactory project.

The third video was the reveal of the winning shoe design. Congratulations to Jasmin Sehra for winning!

Project: Adidas + Footlocker
Production Company: JamJam Marketing
Camera & Edit: Fabian Bosman
Motion Graphics: Fabian Bosman