Untold Festival 2016

Edit Recaps

Untold Recap Day 1

“This was our first magical day at #UNTOLD! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us today!”

Untold Recap Day 2

“This is how the second #UNTOLD day looked like. Or better said, how it felt like!”

For me this was one of the better edits. Especially on the drop I went crazy in the edit

Untold Recap Day 3

“Sometimes ordinary days become extraordinary thanks to a special someone! This is how the third #UNTOLD day looked like.”

Untold Recap Day 4

“There’s nothing better than the place you feel like you belong! This is how the fourth #UNTOLD day looked like.”


Director/Camera: Stijn Verlinde
Camera: Kevin Gansemans
Camera: Niels Gores
Camera: Felix Stein
Hyperlapse: Alban Lebak
Assistent: Audrey Bohner
Editor: Fabian Bosman


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