72 Days Around The World | Bali

Finally, the montage of my trip to Bali is here! It took me a while to edit everything together but I did it with a big smile on my face, here it is. Enjoy!

After my graduation of college, I decided to make a trip around the world. I stayed in Bali for one month, it’s a beautiful island with very tasty food and very friendly people. I had so much fun, this place gave me a relaxed feeling. I can recommend this country to anybody.


During my trip I made videos and wanted to edit and share them while I was traveling.
I also wrote about my trip and posted photos on this facebook page:

72 Days Around The World Facebook

Eventualy the internet speed was so terrible, so I decided to buy some usb sticks and to put all my footage on them and to send them back to the Netherlands where my friend was going to edit the videos. At least, that was the idea.


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